Thursday, May 31, 2012

Apparently You Still Have to DO It

I've been making lists and plans of all the things that need to be done. I'm really good at making lists. In my younger days I excelled at it spending hours each day on my various lists. First drafts with notes on them for my final drafts. If it didn't look quite right I'd start over. No joke. If I didn't have anything to legitimately list I would just find something to make a list of. After all, who doesn't need 15,732 identical lists of names for future children or all the different homonyms one can think of? As you can see, I took my lists very seriously. Even I don't know why I was compelled to make them.

Eventually I found a life, but I'm still skilled at  list crafting. Probably better than you. For your sake I hope I'm better. If you can beat me it means... nothing good for you. But I'm digressing.
My two most adorable and legit reasons for my failure to housekeep.
Also the main reasons I need to figure it out.

I've discovered that my "To Do" lists rarely get done. I've done extensive research on the subject. Online, mainly, but I've also read books on the subject. All I can say is that it is all ridiculous. Lists are not going to fix the problem and neither are other blogs or books written by experts. The reason they aren't going to fix the problem is that I still have to do the work.

It really is that simple. A list can track the actions I need to take. It can be motivating to cross things off that list. But the list won't do it for me. Likewise, I can read about how to clean or menu plan or organize or, well, you get the idea, but unless the problem is a genuine lack of knowledge, it won't help. For the most part, at least for me, lack of knowledge is not the problem.

There's nothing for it but to get off my keister and pick things up from places they don't belong and put them in places they do belong. Then I need to get finer debris off the cleared surfaces by using whatever combination of sucking, brushing, and wiping devices I have at my disposal. If I keep putting things in the places they belong I can avoid having to repeat the first step. That in turn will make the necessary repetition of the second step much less complicated and daunting.

What I am usually doing instead of keeping house.
It's not that I can't do it. I have done it. I did it eight months ago. I just don't do it now. At least not as often as I should. I'm guessing I'm in good company though. So how about it? Do you really not know how to do it, or do you just not know how to make yourself do it?

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