Monday, April 30, 2012

Cleaning House... Again

For a brief moment in time, about 4 days back in September, my house was clean. Then my little Wriggly made his debut.

I knew my housekeeping, and consequently my house, would take a hit. But I didn't realize how big of a hit. Apparently one month of enjoying a babymoon, followed by one month in a chair unable to move, followed by four months of recovery, laziness and a general disinterest in tidying up equals a huge mess. Again. (For the math people that would be written as B+I+4L=HM. Or something like that.)

I realized that my house was just as messy as it was when I started cleaning before I gave birth. It was incredibly disheartening. Somewhere I had really expected that it wouldn't backslide that much. But it did and I have to deal with that. So I will.

It is tempting to think of all the work I did previously as wasted. After all, it did not last for long. That attitude is exactly how I would have looked at it ten years ago. But I am not the me that I was then. Thank the Lord. I have grown up considerably.

So I decided to change my perspective. Instead of looking back at all my hard work and the short-lived difference it made, I'm going to look at it another way. I actually had a clean house. For four days my house was clean. I managed to set it to order and keep it there. Not for very long, to be sure. But it happened. And if it happened once it can happen again.

Dwelling on the "wasted" work would do nothing for me except ensure that nothing would ever improve. And the work wasn't really wasted. It taught me that I can get my house clean. Sure it was hard work. It was difficult for me in so many ways. But I know now that I can do it. So I will.

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