Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Month of Thanks

is thankful for Chrissy and her gift of the magical chair. It is perfect for nursing and snuggling and has saved me this past week. And I never would have had a chair as nice if not for her. (November 1st and 2nd "Thankfuls.")    Nov. 1 & 2
is thankful for the delicious smell of her littles.    Nov. 3
is thankful for fleece. It is very warm without that initial freeze when it is put on. Magical.    Nov. 4
is thankful that my mom is here to help Jake during my convalescence.    Nov. 5
is thankful that I only have to alter my clock twice a year.    Nov. 6
is thankful for indoor plumbing. Flushing toilets; sinks, showers and tubs with both hot and cold water; not having to deal with a pump or buckets....    Nov. 7
is thankful for the Netflix/screen & projector combo in her movie room.    Nov. 8
is thankful for little Wriggly smiles. The world is a fun, joke-filled place for him.    Nov. 9  
is thankful that I seem to be given the ability to do what needs to be done. Even if just barely.    Nov. 10  
is thankful her children are healthy.   Nov. 11   
is thankful that her children have the ability to flail, thrash and howl through their diaper changes.    Nov. 12   
is thankful for the sleepy-time cuddles bestowed by the Squiggle. Made all the more precious by their rarity.    Nov. 13    
is thankful that Squiggle is such a strong little girl. It will help her weather my parenting mistakes.    Nov. 14   
is thankful for whoever helps me tomorrow as I behave foolishly and venture out of my house without babysitters.  Nov. 15  
is thankful for a good day with good friends, made better by not re-injuring myself. Thanks to the Pinkpeas ladies for making my day out fun and stress-free. Brittany, Sarah, Amy, Phelicia and everyone else, grazie.      Nov. 16   
hates stuff right now. No thankfuls in the immediate future.   Nov. 17   
is thankful to have a nice house.   Nov. 18
is thankful to be healing.   Nov. 19
is thankful for the internet.   Nov. 20
just helped save a life. Our tortoise burrows flooded and we managed to pull Zira from the water that she was submerged under. Somehow Cornelius was already on dry ground. Thankful.    Nov. 21
is thankful to be ambidextrous.    Nov. 22
is thankful for her friends.   Nov. 23
is thankful for my family.   Nov. 24
Interesting that that last one pasted in a different boldness than the others. I lost track of this project this year. I always get sidetracked from remembering to be thankful. But I have many things to be thankful for, and I am. God has been good to me and I should try harder to focus on the things He's given me instead of my complaints. (Except for when they're funny.)

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