Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Laundry Room

Oops. This is another post that I didn't publish for some reason. I've been going through and tagging the ones that I forgot to tag. Then I accidentally hit publish instead of save. 

Last week I decided to tackle my laundry room. It was perfect for my purposes. I wanted something that I could do, start to finish in one day. Something that would hopefully jump start a cleaning "mood" for me. I thought that if I could set a whole room to order it would give me motivation. Plus, it really needed to be cleaned.

There was lint everywhere. Since it is on the second floor it stands in a tub to catch any overflow. That tub was filthy. It had moist debris of indeterminable origin in it. (Not good for when a clean item falls during transport.) The washer had gunk, dust and flecks of yuck on the top and inside surfaces. It was fairly disgusting. Especially for something that is supposed to make things clean. The dryer was better but still had problems with the lint catcher. It needed to be vacuumed out. The shelf needed to be organized and the floor needed to be dealt with.

It started off well. I removed all the floor items such as drying rack, hamper, etc.  put them in the library thinking it would only be for the afternoon. (You already know where I'm going with this, don't you?) The vacuum took care of the floor. Then I decided to move the dryer. The dryer vent decided to protest. Mine was a Pyrrhic victory. The dryer moved but the vent didn't. Instead it ripped. Looking at it I could see why.It was about three inches long. Okay, that's an exaggeration. But it did not have enough length to be pulled out from the wall. It had the look of something that had previously ripped and been reused even though it didn't quite fit. (Not the first such situation in this house. We found duct tape subbing for a length of pipe under our sink.) Frankly, I'm impressed wit the skills of whoever attached the thing. There was simply not enough room for me to do it.
The fixed version.

This of course meant that my "day" project turned into a week project. My laundry backed up while I let time pass without traveling to Home Depot for a new duct. I did what I could. Vacuumed, dusted, mopped the yuck under the dryer, that sort of thing. But my groove had definitely been thrown off. When we finally got the dryer fixed I had lost my momentum. But it is finally done.

Floor is clean of debris. Washer and pan are wiped free of dust and crud. Dryer is de-linted. Drying racks, hamper, waste basket and rolling bin have been replaced. Shelves are organized as decently as they are likely to be. Laundry backlog has been dealt with. Even the rags used to clean up the filth. And yes, I do acknowledge the irony of using the washer to clean the rags that I used to clean the washer.
See the clean drip pan.

Now if something falls on the floor while being pulled out of the dryer it doesn't have to go straight back into the hamper. Bare feet no longer pick up grit. Most helpful of all though is seeing a whole room get set to order. Sure it is a small one. But it is done. Finished. All I need do is maintain it. Now that is motivating. And I intend to ride that motivation into more successes.
My first load drying in my newly cleaned laundry room.

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