Saturday, November 5, 2011

Homemaking Binder: Meal Planning

I have decided to get serious about this homemaking binder thing. First on my list is the meal planning stuff. Master grocery list, price comparison lists, inventory sheets (for each cabinet, fridge, freezer, etc.) and a weekly meal sheet.

The reason I decided to start there is simple. Every night; let me repeat that, EVERY night we spend time deciding what to do for dinner. "What do you want to do for dinner?" is the most repeated phrase, adult to adult, in this house. By the time the question is asked it is usually too late to make most things, due to the time it would take to prepare it. Apparently some planning is required to fit in defrosting, chopping and whatever other steps are required to make a meal from scratch. While fish sticks and a bag of frozen cauliflower is a good thing to have on hand in a pinch, I don't want it to make up the bulk of our meals.
Tasty, not balanced. This plate would totally fall off the sofa arm.

While the problem has existed for the entirety of our marriage a while, recent events have brought it into the light. I've been incapacitated by an injury. So my husband and mom have had to pick up a lot of slack. On the one hand, it's nice to see that I do more than I thought I did, on the other hand... my household is slowly falling apart. Most things don't really matter. I can catch up on laundry later. Clutter can be dealt with when I am mobile. But we need food. There are five people in this household and only one of them isn't a problem to take care of come mealtime.

If I had a system, my mom would have been able to step in relatively easily. She can cook. What she can't do is plan and execute the meals. Up 'til now I usually spent 30 minutes digging through my various food storage devices waiting for inspiration. Not really a technique that lends itself to a pinch hitter.

So I will devise a system. It won't help now, but it will help in the future. Even if I never become indisposed again it will help me to be organized. Since I can't move I will create my templates. I'm sure they will require tweaking when I start using them, but having something in place will give me somewhere to start.

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