Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. People who know that it is also my birthday assume it is because of that. However, my birthday never made much of a positive impression on me. Halloween, on the other hand, did.
My little China girl.

It was never about the candy either. Every year we'd have to throw the previous year's candy out so I could use my bucket again. For me it was all about the fantasy. For one day you could be anything you wanted. Dress any way you wanted. And no one could fault you. As a child who would have dressed up every day if allowed, this permission was priceless. Not only that, but you were encouraged, required even, to go out and show off to as many people as you could find.

I was thrilled that my birthday was also on this special day. Growing up I knew I had the best birthday ever. It made me special. I never felt very special in any other way, and those feelings were reinforced by most people I knew. But my special birthday was something no one could take from me. And aside from two very bad years in a very bad town in Minnesota, no one ever tried. (Those people were evil, horrible creatures that I may or may not choose to write about at a later date.) Most people I've encountered have thought my birthday is as cool as I do.

Two years ago I got the best answer to the day's question of "Trick or Treat?" Although some days I'm not sure which one I got. On Halloween in 2009, my beloved little girl made her debut at 4:50 pm. In her honor I channeled my inner poet. Here's the result.

Two years past this night
our beautiful daughter
made a grand entrance.

The past two years have been the most rewarding of my life. You are the first of my life's greatest and only meaningful achievements. No career could be as important as that of being your Mommy. I look forward to another year of adventure with you and your sidekick, baby brother Wriggly.

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