Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Denoument

So here's where we're at. I'm sitting on my toilet holding my slippery and none-too-happy newborn. Bug is on the phone with the midwife. I ended up not laboring in my tub, not attended by my midwife, throwing up and probably pooping (I was a bit preoccupied so I'm not sure) and giving birth on a toilet. But after his head was out and before his body was, he was silent. That was the moment that I realized what truly belonged on my list. I wanted a healthy baby. The rest was just icing.

I ended up getting in the tub to spend some time there. It also seemed like a better place to have the placenta come out than on the toilet. The water was warm and nice and I just got to lounge there holding my slightly odd-looking son. (Sorry Wriggly, but you were an odd sort of beautiful.)

While we waited we decided to get out the camcorder and make a video to document the event. I'm glad we did because it helped cement the events in my memory and also gave us a record of what happened. Then we just waited for our midwife and photographer to arrive.

Wriggly snuggled and started nursing while we waited. Around 4:45 the placenta came out and a few minutes later my midwife came in. We chatted a while and then she started her thing. That's when I realized that the main use for a birth attendant is in case something goes wrong. She checked Wriggly and then checked me. Everything was fine. I did have some retained membranes, but she wasn't too concerned and said we should just be aware of it.

She offered to take Squiggle to Pinkpeas, the parenting center she runs, so that we could get some sleep. Squiggle came into the room as I was about to fall asleep. She gave us a big smile and left happily. I snuggled around my new baby and we slept.

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