Saturday, September 17, 2011

Conquering the Kitchen

In my quest for a clean house the kitchen is always a sticking point. It is the most difficult room to get and keep clean.

I love to cook. I also possess many gadgets that help me do that. With all due respect to my ancestors, I know that if I have to peel my veggies with a knife or puree hummus by using five different knives and a potato masher, it won't happen. Of course, the more gadgets one has, the more gadgets one has to store somewhere. This has been a problem for me. Ideally, I'd like to have everything grouped together in a way that makes sense to me. But I don't have the room. So I have to fit things in where I can. This makes things less ergonomic than they could be.

Procrastination and constant use combine to make things more difficult. There are always dishes being used, needing to be washed and not a big desire to wash them. After dinner we just want to relax. Washing, drying and storing dishes is not relaxing. But when dishes are left out, at the very least it creates clutter. For me that opens the door to adding to the clutter. It's like when I'm confronted with a pristine piece of paper to draw on. I can't bring myself to make a mark because I don't want to mess up the page. But as soon as it's marked I feel free to make a further mess. (If you'd ever seen my attempts at drawing you'd understand the use of the word mess.)

When I decided to clean my house I started with least used areas first. My reason was that it would be easier to keep a room clean if it was seldom used, rather than heavily traveled. This has proven accurate. My laundry room has stayed as clean as I got it. As has the guest room. But the kitchen has been a constant thorn in my side. I see it multiple times every day. It gets used every day.It sapped my energy every day. So I decided to do something about it.

To be honest. I was detailing all the things that needed to be done and mentioned that the kitchen was the one room that bothered me the most. So my husband asked why I didn't just tackle it next. And tackle it I did.

It has been a two day project. In all honesty, I thought it would take longer. The counters were covered with stuff, the stove top and floors were filthy, spiderwebs were found in nooks and crannies; it was bad. So Friday I just started out to make a dent.

There wasn't really a plan. I just started. Consequently I didn't think to take any photos. Once I started I just didn't stop. Squiggle and Bug were both napping and I just turned on the radio and went to town. I got the entire long wall segment done. Then later, when Squiggle's really annoying dolphin movie was on, I went back and did some work on the island. Today my friend Leslie came over and helped me tackle some of the buggier areas. Piece by piece, in some cases item by item, the mess was chipped away. Now I can honestly say my kitchen looks good. There is only one teeny-tiny corner that has any clutter.

After that I still have work, but it can wait. I have numerous boxes of Tupperware and the like that need to be matched and stored, and I'll need to reorganize the cupboards. But I keep repeating my new mantra, "Good enough IS good enough." And this is good enough.

P.S. Tonight we had a pizza mishap and instead of leaving the mess to be cleaned up later, I cleaned it tonight. And you know what? It was quick and easy. Imagine that.

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  1. Good job! The kitchen is my nemesis. Well, not the kitchen itself, but the kitchen clutter.