Wednesday, September 14, 2011

And That is Why You Should Ask in a Clear Manner

I love bins. I would store everything in them if I could. I would have bins to store my extra bins. Okay, that is an exaggeration. But bins are great. Especially when they are the same type and stack.

It's no secret that I'm not the most organized person. But I've found that even if I can't keep things in a correct spot, I can keep them in a general area. Like a bin. I have one for my instruction manuals, one for my scrapbook keepsakes and several others that are less important. The two I've named are particularly important because I keep coming across things to put in them. Because I haven't been able to find them, all this stuff has been floating around, loose and free to clutter up my house.

At home I have mentioned on several occasions that I don't know where those bins are. I've looked for them to no avail. With no answers forthcoming, I determined there are currently only three possible places they could be hiding.

The first: In my husband's office closet. He has tons of bins and boxes stacked in a way that could probably manage to hide my bins. I highly doubted that they would be there because he would hardly be likely to allow any of my junk to clutter up his domain. And there is no way that he would have mistaken my bins for his. Just. Not. Possible.

The second: Our cubbyhole under the stairs. Slightly more likely. It is where a bunch of my stuff got put so that I could move around in my studio to try to get it in order. But all the stuff under there was originally in my office. And I don't remember my bins being in my office. So I doubted that pulling everything out would help.

The third: My garage. The way things sit now is this. There is an outer layer of metal; bicycles, lawn mower, etc. Then comes the middle layer of insulation in the form of empty boxes and coolers. Lastly there is the center with all the boxes filled with stuff. I don't know what stuff, because I can't reach it. It was the only place left to look. But when I did my graceful, tiptoe-peeking into the tangle, I didn't see any hint of them.

But where else could they be?

Well. We had a discussion this afternoon. I was asked what I needed to get the house in order. It was a long conversation, but the relevant part came when I talked about a specific part of the house. The part that has a bunch of paper strewn about because I can't find my place to put it. I talked about my frustration at not being able to find my bins. Then it came. The solution.

"You mean the bins on the garage lofts?"

Uh, what? Oh yeah, you mean the lofts that have a bunch of bins on them? Sure. I guess they could be there.

In our old house the garage ceiling was lower. The lofts only had enough room for our holiday stuff and some off-season clothes. I guess that was why it never occurred to me to look up. When I did, there they were. My beloved bins. Beautiful.

So there you have it. If I had pulled him aside and specifically asked about my bins, I could have had them months ago.

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