Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Misery Loves Company

A wave of depression has knocked me down tonight. Nothing major has happened, just a bunch of little things. An injury, an illness, some minor but chronic physical complaints, a series of "career" blows, a reminder of the same situation in a past "career" and my house is still a mess.

In the midst of my self-pity, I recognize that it's whiny and not warranted. There are so many people out there with real problems. And I have so much to be grateful for. I have a wonderful husband, a delicious daughter, a baby on the way, a nice house that we are turning into a home.... The list goes on. God has been good to me. I should appreciate it and be thankful everyday.

But misery is easier. It fits into our culture today. We are supported in it and people are more than happy to help justify it. Maybe it is an honest desire to be supportive, maybe it simply excuses their own attitudes. When things don't go our way we feel entitled to negativity. At least I do. After all, don't I deserve _____?

The problem is that even though I recognize my childishness, I can't shake the depression. It has brought me down. I've let it sap my will. Allowing that to grow will not make me feel better. It will not improve the lives of me or my family. It will just rob us of our present, past and future.

My goal is to wake up tomorrow with a better attitude. Because this one does not work. In any way.

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  1. Saw your link on Heavenly Homemakers. I know how depression can get you down. Thanks for the reminder that we have a lot of blessings to be thankful for and tomorrow we can always start fresh. Hope you feel better!

  2. Also visiting from H.H. -- As one who's experienced depression (after the births of my last two babies), I cannot encourage you enough to first of all, pray & seek the Lord, and second, seek medical help. There is no shame in taking something to help get you "over the hump" of depression. I'll be praying for you today. :) ~Lisa

  3. I went through bouts of depression after the births of both of my children- DoleValleyGirl has great advice! Praying for you today.