Sunday, July 3, 2011

Why I may never hear a sermon again.

Our church went to their summer schedule a few weeks ago. The 8am and 9:30 am contemporary services were combined into one 9 am service, and my beloved traditional service was moved from 11 am to 10:30 am.

Rare photo of a sleeping Squiggle.
Many might think that half an hour is not a big deal. It may not be to most. But when that 30 minutes means interrupting a toddler's sleep? Then we have a problem.

My Squiggle is not a great sleeper. We can't "make" her sleep. If we put her in her crib before she's ready she just plays, kicks the wall or screams. So we wait until she's ready to go willingly. It may not be the best method, especially when the new baby arrives, but it works now. Happy toddler = happy parents.

Of course this means that if something occurs during sleep time, we miss it. I will not wake her unless absolutely necessary. And, with apologies to God, church does not fall under the heading necessary, at least in this instance. I will also cancel playdates, reschedule doctor's appointments and ignore almost everything to avoid throwing off her sleep. If we had a house fire I might try to gently move her, depending on how severe it was.

So Daddy went to church solo today. Maybe we'll catch it next week. Maybe we will miss all summer long. Maybe we will continue to miss in the autumn when the schedule changes back, due to new baby syndrome. (This is where exhausted Mommy and Daddy choose to sit at home and do nothing but tend to basic needs.) Baby X may be an easy baby, but history is not on our side. So perhaps I will watch Baby Miracle with Squiggle again tonight, for our dose of religion.

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