Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tightening the Belt: My Resolution to Meal Plan

Not anyone's favorite thing to do out of necessity, right? Most of us don't like needing to sacrifice. Even when we are willing or happy to do it for other reasons.

Around here we tend to go in spurts. Unfortunately frugality usually comes from a financial crisis. We are again in financial trouble. Part of it is out of our control, unexpected circumstances and all that. But some of it is due to our relaxing our spending controls.

Looking over our credit card bill, we found that we really don't have anything huge to point to. It is just a bunch of little things that, what do you know, do add up. For us, a lot of it comes from eating out. Very often I don't feel like making dinner. Maybe I've had a busy day and get tired, perhaps we are our of the house during dinner time. While Jake is the one to suggest it, I always go along. After all, it is much easier.

This is my fault. It is almost entirely due to my lack of planning and laziness. I hate to admit it, but there it is. I do not have a job outside the home. Therefore it falls to me to do what I can to improve our financial situation by saving money. And I am failing.

So here's my new plan. I will meal plan. I will order my Bountiful Basket on Monday. After I pick it up on Saturday I will write up a meal plan. Then I will do my shopping. Here is the most important part: I will stick to it. If there is prep that is needed I will do that on the weekend when Daddy can play with Squiggle. If I can hold to it I will eliminate both of my reasons to take the easy road of take-out.  The plan will let me know what I am doing each day that week and pre-prepping will mean that I won't be facing a time crunch on any given day. While I may stumble I will not fall. We just can't afford my weakness in this area any longer.

This blog will hold me accountable. I detest failure. Especially when it is public.

This week I will work with what I have. Starting tonight. No procrastinating. When my darling husband offers to pick something up, I will decline. All my baggage of the day will be set aside, I will get off my lazy butt and I will cook. It may not be fancy, but it will be. My family deserves it.

Raising Mighty Arrows


  1. Meal Planning is SO helpful in saving money - and it keeps your family healthy too! Best of luck to you. hosts a weekly menu plan link up - goes live on Mondays. Check it out for great ideas.

    I'm stopping by from the Mom Blog Monday hop. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

  2. I found you from the blog hop and love this post. I'm continually bouncing between doing a good job cooking and planning and then doing the opposite the next week. I think it's about finding a balance between the two. I post photos and recipes on my blog to help out other moms like us. Come join me!

  3. I found you in a Monday blog hop! I'm now following your blog! Nice to meet you.

    I have a one month old and found that we were ordering take-out nearly every night because who really had the energy to cook or shop?! I made a promise that starting this week, I will start meal planning!


  4. Following from the Monday blog hop. Look forward to following you. Come stop by soon...

  5. Eating out is a fault of ours also. It's so easy to do, yet, we most always regret doing it afterwards. It costs so much and usually isn't worth the money. Good luck and thank you for linking up with us. Blessings xoxo

  6. Raising Mighty Arrows, you are so right. I feel much better after eating a home cooked meal, even if it was a pain to figure out what to do.

    Kelly, I sure will.

    Lindsay, that's exactly where we were 1.5 years ago. Obviously it took me longer to snap out of it. I commend you on your resolution and I hope I can do the same after baby #2 arrives this October.

    Amy, that has been my problem too. With me it seems that something always comes up to throw me off. Then once I'm off I find it hard to get back in the groove. But I will be better this time. Financially there is no choice. Hopefully when our finances recover it will be such a habit that I won't want to break it.

    Reasonably Less, thanks for the invite. I'm really new to this so hopefully I can figure out how to join.

    Emily, thanks for the resource. I can use all the help I can get.