Monday, July 18, 2011

Sprinkler Time

Lately I've been really wanting to take Squiggle to the local park's water feature. Living in Las Vegas it tends to get hot in the summer. I decided to plant myself in the middle of it and hold really still. That way people could think I was part of it. Maybe not reality based, but it's HOT here. In my defense, Squiggle loves the water as much as I do. So the idea isn't completely selfish.

However, lately my darling child has been getting up no earlier than 10am. Even if I packed the night before and served breakfast as a picnic, it would still be the sunniest part of the day by the time we got there. And somehow I doubt my adventurer would understand why we could only stay for minutes.
"You wouldn't really take away my fun, would you Mommy?"

The afternoon is taken up by a nap and then it's time to start dinner. So there hasn't been time to take her. But the idea was stuck in my head to get the two of us wet. What to do?

Then it hit me. Sprinklers. Back in the olden days, when I was a kid, we didn't have "splash pads" or "water features." We had hoses and what we called "rainbow" sprinklers. Now our backyard has a high tech sprinkler system, but the basics are the same. Water shoots up from the ground and waits for someone to run through it. Sadly, it is normally disappointed as no one shows and it is left to soak into the earth. I decided that it was time to change that.

So I invited Squiggle's friend Big Jake and Big Jake's mom, aka Terri, over to share our sprinklers. Then I asked my husband to teach me how to turn them on. (I really miss the days of turning the knob and having water shoot out.) He spent a minute at the control pad and then told me the button to push when I was ready. Then he left for his bible study. Did I mention he's a great guy?

Mommy and Mommy ushered the little monsters outside and I hit the button. That's when the squealing began. Squiggle was especially excited. She kept making her happy growl at the water then turning to me to make sure I saw it. Seeing that she wasn't taking advantage of the full course, I picked her up and ran the length of the yard with her. Terri followed suit as soon as I was away from my camera. I choose to believe that was just coincidence.

After they stopped there was a big puddle in the middle of the lawn. The children decided to help the water sink into the dirt by stomping the ground as hard as they could. They are good-hearted monsters, you know, like Sully.
Big Jake stomping the yard.

Watching them dance in the sprinklers and stomp in the puddle reminded me that I don't have to do anything elaborate to make a special memory. Children like the simplest things. Sometimes we just have to give them a chance to add something extra to the ordinary.


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  2. How cute is your daughter? So friggin' cute! Looks like she enjoyed it as well as her brother! Happy Monday!

    PS-dont you just hate the generic comments some bloggers leave? I do!