Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Good Friends

Recently we have had some frustrations. Usually either my husband or I gets upset. It tends to depend on the type of issue. This past week it was mainly yard related, so he was very upset.

First came the plumbing. After running through the sprinklers, Terri noticed that, though the water was off, it still sounded like it was on. A bit of investigation led to the irrigation control valve. Not that I could tell that at the time. At the time all I noticed was the flood, and that the quicksand it had created was not letting go of my shoe.
After the draining.

I called my husband at bible study and asked him how to turn the water off. After walking me through it, he left his study early. He said that just minutes before I called he had been advising his friend that doubt over a good deed was the devil messing with him. I guess the devil didn't appreciate his interference.

Then we checked our mail the next day. Our HOA sent us a courtesy letter about the "dead plant material" in our yard. Upon review, the only thing they could be referring to are the "leaves" that have fallen from the trees. Now the reason I put "leaves" in quotes is that our tree's leaves more closely resemble long pine needles. They fall into our water efficient desert rock landscaping and wedge themselves in, defying all attempt to rake them.

Squiggle grabbed fistfuls of our leaves to show you.
Bug was pretty upset by all this. We really can't afford to pay landscapers to care for our yard, and had no idea who to call for our sprinkler problem.

I put the call for advice and help out on Facebook. (Because that's what it's there for, right?)

We already knew that plumbers don't do sprinkler work. It was recommended that I call the city utilities phone number and ask their advice. I did and got no help, in a baffling way. But that's a different post. The sprinkler post ended up being a bust, as far as getting help was concerned. But we had a friend offer to loan us a leaf blower for our "dead plant material" problem. That lightened the load a bit and we headed out to celebrate a friend's birthday.

While at the birthday party Bug mentioned that we had this sprinkler valve issue. Another friend offered to come over and take a look at it. He not only looked at it, he fixed it. For just the cost of parts.

Thanks to two friends we had two stressful issues, that could have been financially costly, taken care of inside a week.

Friends can be found anywhere.
To top the week off, someone anonymously dropped off a bag of cloth diapers for my new baby. So now I have a bunch of diapers that I don't have to buy.  Friends are good.

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