Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Family Reading Hour

One of the things I always wanted in my house was a library. Shelves filled with books, comfy seats soothing atmosphere, you get the idea. For years I thought it was a pipe dream. Just too impractical. We'd never have a house with enough space. Well now we do. In fact, the "loft" was one of the signs we felt were drawing us to the house. It was even painted a deep rusty orange, my favorite color.

So far, we haven't made use of it. Reading is a time consuming venture. I've lost more hours to books than I have to my bed. I just knew that if I sat in my chair up there that I would be in danger of never escaping.

The problem is, I am still wasting much of my time. In unfulfilling pursuits. Television, surfing the web, sitting around not accomplishing anything due to self pity; none of these thing enrich my life at all. Plus, they are definitely not how I want to raise my children.

I grew up reading all the time. The only times I got in trouble at school were when I was reading a book for fun instead of doing my schoolwork. One of my goals as a parent is to have my children follow in my footsteps. (The love of reading, not the getting in trouble.)

We read to Squiggle, but I don't feel it is enough. So I suggested that we have a nightly family reading hour. Okay, it isn't really an hour. My Squiggle is called that for a reason. She won't sit still that long. But still, a bit of time, every night, spent up in our beautiful library reading something. I envisioned it as a "read out loud" sort of thing, my husband thinks it should be an "everyone reads their own thing" ritual. Clearly there are some things to work out. Perhaps it can be both, a chapter from a shared book followed by independent reading. I don't know. What I do know is that I've been bitten by the bug to do this.

The current frustration I am trying to work out is due to my toddler's disinterest in any book not made out of a board. I'm not sure if I should just read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" 800 times in the 15 - 30 minutes we spend up there, or if I should persevere in reading more advanced books. (ie. Anything with more than one sentence per page.) If anyone out there has ideas or advice, please let me know.

Squiggle and Big Jake at Storytime With Miss Judi.

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