Friday, July 29, 2011

Baby X has a Nickname!

So, you already know about Squiggle and how she got her nickname. We felt sure that a nickname for this baby would come to us. (Admittedly, I thought it would come before the last quarter of my pregnancy.)

Not knowing the gender, we couldn't call this baby by name if we wanted to. Which I don't think I'd be comfortable doing anyway. Now we no longer have to call our baby "Baby X" or "the new baby" or "it."

There isn't really a cute story to go with how it came to us. I even asked my husband afterward if he could recall how it came to be and he couldn't remember. We were just talking about our new baby's movement patterns and he came out with it. The perfect nickname. To go with big sister Squiggle, we now have....

Wriggly. We have Wriggly.

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