Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kitchen Waste

One thing I've always had trouble with is using food before it goes bad. There are numerous contributing factors. One is possibly genetic. Once my family stopped living hand-to-mouth, we had a tendency to buy food and forget about it. I still do that. Or my mom would intend to make something, but kept putting it off until whatever "it" was had transformed to a completely different type of "it."

Another factor is my fear of running out of food. We didn't have a lot when I was a child. While I never went hungry as such, I did worry about it. My family teased me about being a bottomless pit which made me self conscious about how much I ate. I was never heavy, I just had a high metabolism and was very active, I guess. Anyway, those things all helped me to develop an intense fear of hunger. I've never been able to "diet" because of this aversion.  And it leads me to buy way more than I need.

Whatever the reasons may be, I am tired of throwing food out. Beautiful, delicious food that should be consumed. It deserves better. It should be crafted into tasty, nutritious meals to feed my beloved family.

Today my friend came over with my portion of our Bountiful Basket. (If you don't know what that is, go to Or wait for a future post.) Basically I get fresh fruits and vegetables for a price cheaper than the grocery store. We do this weekly. Each week I am embarrassed because some of the produce from the previous week is still sitting on the table. Where we had sorted it the previous week. So I have determined that from this day out, I WILL use the food I buy. I will plan my meals and stick to the plan. If I don't feel like it, too bad.

This will force me to become more organized. I will not only have to plan my meals, I will also have to prepare them. I will have to organize my days so that I have enough energy to do so. But I am determined. The health, both physical and financial, of my family is at stake. I will rise to the cahllenge.

So I will bid you all farewell. There is a defrosted pork shoulder in my fridge waiting for its overnight marinade so it can be slow cooked tomorrow for a tasty dinner. Yum.

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