Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My new yard.

About 6 months ago we moved to a new home.  We were miserable in the old place and consequently decided not to further enhance our landscaping.  (This was after some improvements we made were destroyed by the local trash.)

Our new house has us excited to make it a home.  There are many ideas I have, but things will need to be carefully thought out.  Our yard is already nicely landscaped and not very big.  But there are things we need from it and other things we want from it.

Here is an overview of my ideal backyard.
    1) Patio area for sitting/entertaining.  (Check)
    2) Grill area. (Check.  There are actually two.  One lovely, raised, blocked area, that happens to be 15 feet from the barbecue stub.  Which is located two feet from a beautiful, established plant.)
    3) Grassy, Squiggle-play zone.  Ideally big enough for a swing or sandbox or something. (Half-check. There is grass, just not a lot.  Choices must be made.)
    4) Turtle pen.  For our desert tortoises.  (Check.  Being built as I type.  Carved out of a large chunk of our small backyard.)
    5) Garden.  (______.  Not yet.  There is a small area I could make into a small garden.  I'm not sure how much I could plant, or if it would be worth the time and expense of building the frame, filling it with dirt, rigging up the irrigation...  I'm sure you get the point.  But I love the idea of fresh, healthy, cheap food.)
    6) Fruit trees, berry bushes, herbs, rhubarb, asparagus, strawberries, etc.  Edible perennials. (______.  Nope.  There are some dead plants in front I could replace with such items.  But then they would be in the front yard.  Where anyone could help themselves.  I used to be a child, I know that bright red berries are nearly irresistible.  Not to sound selfish, but if I'm putting in the time and money, I want my family to reap the benefits.  The back yard may fit three shrubs and a couple of small plants.  Decision time again.)
    7) Rose bushes.  (______.  This is actually doable, I think.  There is one spot in each of the turtle pens with a water drip.  I could fit the one rose bush in each.  Turtles like roses, but I doubt they would be able to destroy the bushes themselves.  This is one I have hope for.)
    8) Feeders for wild, non-pigeon birds and hummingbirds.  And maybe a bird house.  (______.  Again, doable.  I'd have to get poles they could hang from, but the established trees and shrubs would make a good environment for them.)

The problem will be in choosing which ideas to pursue and which to abandon.  The time and expense involved makes careful planning essential.  I'm not sure how many years this will take me.  In my present condition I can barely decide my next meal, much less master plan my property.  But I am determined to get it done.  Someday.

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  1. Hello fellow Las Vegas mommy blogger!

    We had so many plans for our backyard when we moved into our home 4.5 years ago. Today, it is still dirt! It was so hard to make a decision on what we wanted to do. We wanted to do everything ourselves to save money. But now I am glad we didn't do too much because we hopefully will be moving into a new home early next year and we will then for sure design our dream backyard!