Thursday, January 6, 2011

Diet of Phlegm

I'm sick again.  It started with me, and it sure as heck better end with me.  A complete circle has been made through my family and now it can stop.  Right?  I do have things to do.  Fortunately, I doubt dieting is one of them.  (Warning: Heading into gross, TMI territory.)  You see, I have a lot of drainage.  A LOT.  Constantly.  It's very annoying.  Most of the time it causes my cough.  The tickle in my throat causes me to cough up the phlegm.  But I can never seem to get it to where I can spit it out.  So I end up swallowing it.  Disgusting, I know.  But you were warned.

So far I've lost 5 pounds.  Sure it could be due to other factors.  But I credit it to the fact that half my diet for the past few days has consisted of contaminants that my nose has filtered out of the air.  Not very high in calories, but apparently filling.  Not to mention, yucky enough to mildly put me off food.  If anyone reads this, and is trying to lose weight, hopefully I've just helped you.  Just try eating now.  No need to thank me.  I'm here to help. 

Just be glad I haven't figured out how to post photos yet.

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