Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Company clean

Usually, the only time my house appears neat is when I have company coming.  I say "appears" because it isn't a true clean.  No matter how much time I have to prepare, I always seem to have to throw stuff in boxes when the doorbell rings.  This needs to stop.

You see, when the box is packed up and put out of sight, it ends up out of mind.  Now you may say, "Well, if you forget about it it couldn't have been that important."  I might be inclined to agree.  However, our electric company disagrees.  The boxes of clutter build up and soon I have no idea how to get myself out of the mess.  Of course, the clean never lasts.  The clutter creeps back.  I believe that it is because the clean was an illusion.  I know it, my guests know it and my house knows it.

My theory is that to keep my home tidy, I have to get it truly tidy.  Everything must have a place.  Everything must then be kept in its place.  Perhaps I'm naive but I think that the second part would be easy if I could ever accomplish the first.  So that will be my goal.  Find a place for everything.  Anything that has no place...must go.

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