Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shhhhh! It's a secret!

I'm pregnant.  We'd been hoping, but it seemed unlikely.  After all, we tried for five years before we got Squiggle.  I guess "everyone" was right.  Conceiving the second time IS easier.

Last time we waited until the first trimester, and the major risk time for miscarriage, was over to tell anyone.  I doubt we'll be able to keep this one secret as long.  But I'm not comfortable announcing it just yet.  I'm still a bit scared of losing it.  It's superstitious, yes.  But I just feel like I'll be somehow jeopardizing this pregnancy if I tell everyone this early.  I also don't want to have to go back and tell everyone if something happens.  It may not be the healthiest way to be, but I'm a deal-with-it-privately sort of person.  After I've worked through it a bit I may tell, but not during.  If people don't know, it's not an issue.

But this blog is called Adventures in Babyhaving.  Originally I'd intended it to be about how my baby outside of my womb changed and continues to change my life.  Now I can start at the beginning and record the "having" instead of just writing about the having.  Confused?  Good.

I feel pretty safe announcing this here.  It seems doubtful anyone will read this before we make the official announcement.  (No doubt it will be on Facebook.  Otherwise it doesn't exist, right?)  Since I have one follower and do not currently promote my blog, nobody actually reads this.  But perhaps I'll start letting people know about this blog.  Pregnancy makes people do crazy things.  So, in case someone I know stumbles across this, PLEASE don't tell anyone.  Feel free to message me privately, but we'd like to tell people ourselves, in our own time.  Thanks.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Company clean

Usually, the only time my house appears neat is when I have company coming.  I say "appears" because it isn't a true clean.  No matter how much time I have to prepare, I always seem to have to throw stuff in boxes when the doorbell rings.  This needs to stop.

You see, when the box is packed up and put out of sight, it ends up out of mind.  Now you may say, "Well, if you forget about it it couldn't have been that important."  I might be inclined to agree.  However, our electric company disagrees.  The boxes of clutter build up and soon I have no idea how to get myself out of the mess.  Of course, the clean never lasts.  The clutter creeps back.  I believe that it is because the clean was an illusion.  I know it, my guests know it and my house knows it.

My theory is that to keep my home tidy, I have to get it truly tidy.  Everything must have a place.  Everything must then be kept in its place.  Perhaps I'm naive but I think that the second part would be easy if I could ever accomplish the first.  So that will be my goal.  Find a place for everything.  Anything that has no place...must go.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Diet of Phlegm

I'm sick again.  It started with me, and it sure as heck better end with me.  A complete circle has been made through my family and now it can stop.  Right?  I do have things to do.  Fortunately, I doubt dieting is one of them.  (Warning: Heading into gross, TMI territory.)  You see, I have a lot of drainage.  A LOT.  Constantly.  It's very annoying.  Most of the time it causes my cough.  The tickle in my throat causes me to cough up the phlegm.  But I can never seem to get it to where I can spit it out.  So I end up swallowing it.  Disgusting, I know.  But you were warned.

So far I've lost 5 pounds.  Sure it could be due to other factors.  But I credit it to the fact that half my diet for the past few days has consisted of contaminants that my nose has filtered out of the air.  Not very high in calories, but apparently filling.  Not to mention, yucky enough to mildly put me off food.  If anyone reads this, and is trying to lose weight, hopefully I've just helped you.  Just try eating now.  No need to thank me.  I'm here to help. 

Just be glad I haven't figured out how to post photos yet.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year

Last year at this time our household was not in a good place.  We had a beautiful, brand new baby, who never stopped crying and rarely slept.  That, however, is another post.  December 31, 2009 saw us as parents of a two-month-old.  If she slept for three hours in a row we considered ourselves fortunate.

7 pm.  We packed up our angel and headed out to our friend's party.  We planned to stay until just after midnight.  Squiggle's bedtime really wasn't an issue for us.  We figured she could be awake anywhere, we may as well be with enjoyable company.  And who knew, maybe someone would even hold her and give us a break.

9 pm.  As luck would have it, she fell asleep.  So we slipped her into her carrier in a quiet room and decided to enjoy some adult conversation while we could.  After all, it wouldn't be long before she woke up.

Midnight came and we toasted the new year.  Squiggle slept.

1 am.

2 am.

3 am.  Perhaps we should go home?  So we snapped her carrier in the base and headed home, certain that it was a trick.  She would let us get home, wait for us to get snuggled in bed and then, BAM!, wake up screaming.  (Not the most logical thinking but, hey, we were severely sleep deprived.

We arrived home, Squiggle still sleeping like a baby.  (Not our baby.  Our baby didn't sleep.  But apparently some do.)  We decided not to bother messing with her.  She'd be up soon enough.  We'd deal with it then.  So we just parked her carrier next to the bed and passed out.

9 am.  We awoke to a screaming baby.  Somehow she had slept a total of 12 hour.  In a row.  Nonstop.  (Naturally, we regretted wasting that time socializing with our friends instead of getting rest ourselves, but hindsight...)  Our New Year's miracle had happened.  We, of course, hoped that this was the start of a new trend.  It, of course, was not.  (In fact, a full night's sleep has been repeated only once.)

9:02am.  We set ourselves to tending our baby.  Jake got the diaper and outfit to replace the ones that were by now certain to be drenched with at least one bodily fluid.  I mentally prepared myself for the painful latching that was to come as I reached for her...and lifted her out of her seat.  Without undoing any straps.  It took a few seconds for the realization to hit.  Then I thanked God for protecting us from accidents the night before.

This year the three of us went to another party at a different friend's house.  Our little toddler ran around eating crackers and cocktail franks, charming all the guests with her smile.  We kissed her as the ball dropped.  And drove her home.  Buckled in.