Sunday, December 26, 2010

'Twas the Night After Christmas, and all through the house...

...were strewn scraps of torn Christmas paper and various toy bits.  It's great.  No sarcasm.  I love it.  My baby has deconstructed everything she can, loving every minute.  All day she has been playing and babbling.  I like to think she is telling us all about her wonderful new things.  Like her tool set, courtesy of grandma, with the tasty bolts for her to chew.  Or her two baby dolls.  (Each parent bought one in secret to surprise the other.)  And we shouldn't forget her chair/step stool.  Actually, Mommy had to confiscate that one, she needed it for its intended purpose of holding cookies.

Watching my little girl get equally excited about her velour block set and the box they were packed in showed me that my material concerns were pointless.  She didn't care about the size or cost or number of presents she got.  She taught me that even though we are cash-strapped this year, Christmas is still as wonderful as we choose to make it.

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