Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So I lost track of time...

...and burned the apples I was cooking for applesauce.  I don't even have a good excuse like, watching the Squiggle.  She was happily riding her pony.  I was busy daydreaming.  So maybe that is a good excuse.  We all need a brain break, right?

Unfortunately my little vacation came at the expense of Squiggle's snack.  Apparently when you simmer something the moisture content is reduced.  Who knew?  On the plus side, I was experimenting so I just made a small batch.  Only five apples were burned.  I could just throw them out, but I'm tired of wasting food.  We are experiencing a financial crunch right now and there is a self-imposed moratorium on buying new food.  So I will eat these apples.  If I can.  Call it a tough love lesson to myself.  Perhaps if I have to eat the food I destroy through inattention and carelessness, I'll be more careful.

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