Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nine Days and Counting...

In nine days we get to move.  Not have to move.  Get to.  That is the mindset I have chosen to adopt about this situation.  We have been waiting and praying to get out of this neighborhood for a long time.  We are very excited despite the work involved.  And boy, is there ever a lot of it.  Packing, packing and more packing.  And wouldn't you know it, Squiggle doesn't seem to care that there is a bunch of things to be done or that we are on a deadline.

My natural tendency is to take care of the most immediate thing that can be resolved, then move on to the next, etc.  Of course children are never resolved.  They are always there, always wanting or needing something.  I am having to fight my tendency to brush her off to get my work done.  The work WILL get done.  But she is ever growing and changing.  I need to absorb all the wonderful Squiggleness of this stage she's in right now, because she is growing way too fast.  The cute and wonderful thing I miss because I was "accomplishing" a task may be gone by the time I'm "ready" to appreciate it.  The chores will always be there, Squiggle asking me to help her walk around the house, won't.  My mission is to focus on her first and let the rest unfold, as it invariably will, in its own time.

Still, there is so much yet to be packed.  And I won't even think about the moving day yet.  Thank God we have some nice friends.